To ensure the stability of our staff and faculty, we have developed comprehensive benefits and compensation packages. By doing so, they can better focus on their primary responsibilities.

MyGeorgianSouthern University Students with disabilities, first-generation students, and income-earning students receive comprehensive services through the SSS program. The primary purpose of SSS is to help South Georgia students transition, retain, and graduate.

Benefits Of Using My Georgia Southern Portal

This portal offers many advantages; these are just some of them.

Student Advantage

Our services provide opportunities for scientific advancement, help with academic requirements, and serve as motivation for obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

Individualized Academic Advising

Participants must be judged by an SSS supervisor who must follow the course in school, profession, and personal development over a long period of higher education.

Priority mentoring

Through the SSS program, participants have access to math and English classes. In addition, tutoring arrangements can be made for students who require individual or group instruction.

Assistance In The Various Subjects Taught On Campus.

Support for the admission of graduates and vocational schools.Participants receive resources to prepare for graduate entrance exams, campus visits, job interviews, etc.


Participants maintain an individual relationship with designated employees. This facilitates academic and personal support throughout your university career.

Employee Benefits

Georgia Southern University Cares Scholarships are designed to support full-time Georgia Southern University faculty and staff recipients and Georgia Southern University staff and faculty. Georgia helped retirees when facing severe, temporary, and unforeseen financial difficulties.

The Fund provides one-time support of any amount up to a maximum of $500. The Audit Committee awards grants of up to $5,000 per calendar year. Approval of an application depends on the availability of funds.

Learn more about the benefits

  • Student Assistance Program (TAP)
  • workers’ compensation
  • Blessings in the State of Georgia
  • Building a better U
  • workers’ compensation
  • paid paternity leave

The OneUSG Connect – Benefits Call Center team, can help you with any questions or concerns about your benefits or retirement options. Contact them Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. until 5 pm by calling 844-587-4236.

Parents Benefits

Local and national discounts include University Store, Dining Commons, local restaurants, hotels, and car rentals. Discounts for family weekends in the fall and spring. South Georgia family calendar.

Membership dues and dues fund the Parents and Family Association and cover member benefits, scholarships, college sponsorships, and all other Parent Council-approved expenses. Parents also can get one-year subscriptions for $35 and four-year subscriptions for $135.